Cuestack share guitar playthrough video for “Through the Night” (ft. David Hasselhoff)

Austrian metal twosome Cuestack have unveiled (via Guitar World) and fresh playthrough clip for their track “Through the Night” (featuring TV icon David Hasselhoff) — stream the video below.

The song was originally written for six-string guitars in E standard, but I chose to replace the original rhythm tracks with a seven-string tuned to A standard,” states guitarist Bernth Brodträger. “That gave the song a bit more bite without changing the arrangement completely. I couldn’t go to the extreme with my shredding and progressive influences because we wanted the song to appeal to David’s fans as well, but I still added a challenging solo with one of the fastest lines I recorded so far. It was a fun challenge to compose this song and to work with David – an experience I will never forget!


Artist photo by Maximilian Lottmann

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