Dominik “Pumpa” König (Stillbirth) has died

Sad news to report as bass player and backing vocalist for German death metal band Stillbirth has died at the age of 34. The band broke the news earlier today with the below message.

Today, unfortunately, we have very sad news to announce.

Our longtime band member and friend Dominik “Pumpa” König has unfortunately passed away. We are all deeply saddened that he lost the fight against his inner demons. We are so sorry and we can’t imagine what kind of hell he really went through. Our deepest condolences go out to his parents, family and his girlfriend Katrin. We are here for you and we will support you with all our strength.

At Stillbirth we are not only musicians who meet for the music, but we are one big family who shares the problems and successes with each other. We have supported Pumpa in his struggle for a long time and have helped him whenever possible. But maybe that was just not enough.

Pumpa joined the band in 2005 and since then has been a solid link in Stillbirth alongside [lead vocalist] Lukas [Swiaczny]. He helped us with all our sound concerns and technical problems, recorded and edited our music brilliantly, and was also a beast on stage on his bass. We can’t describe how hard this loss hits us. Not only as a band member, but also as a human being.

Send your love to Pumpa and the relatives and please take care of your friends and acquaintances. Sometimes it helps if you are not alone.

According to his official Encyclopaedia Metallum entry, Dominik also performed in Anus Predator, B(ind) T(orture) K(ill), Bereaved, Immortal Pumpas Tubagrindcombo and more, and also provided guest vocals on Debridement’s ‘Drowning in a Cesspool of Malform and Malady’ and Kastrated’s ‘Surge of Festering Spasticity.’ RIP, Pumpa.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website or call 1-800-273-8255.

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