Draconian release new song/lyric video, “Moon Over Sabaoth”

Swedish gothic doomers Draconian are prepping for the release of their new studio album, ‘Under A Godless Veil,’ on October 30, 2020 through Napalm Records.

Today, the band have let loose the fourth single off of their impending opus in the form of “Moon Over Sabaoth,” which you can check out below in lyric video form.

Here’s more info from today’s reveal:

The seventh full-length of the Swedish five-piece and second one with talented Heike Langhans on vocal duties, appears exactly five years after Draconian’s latest album, Sovran, and guarantees a complete immersion into the band’s essence. Starting off with a soft guitar intro, Draconian’s new single “Moon Over Sabaoth” soon breaks off into Anders Jacobsson’s ghastly growls paired with a stomping doomy rhythm. Complemented by Heike’s angelic voice, the vocals will touch deep inside your soul and interweave with stunning melodies and bone-crushing riffs. An artful conceptualized lyric video underlines these atmospheric tunes of melancholic beauty.

Lead guitarist and main composer Johan Ericson adds:

Moon Over Sabaoth is a perspective song that crawls in towards its end destination. Monotone doom riffing accompanied by some heavy drums. Together with Anders harsh, desperate vocals leading up to an almost anthemic chorus. We stand tall…


cover artwork by Natalia Drepina

Under A Godless Veil tracklist:
1. Sorrow of Sophia
2. The Sacrificial Flame
3. Lustrous Heart
4. Sleepwalkers
5. Moon Over Sabaoth
6. Burial Fields
7. The Sethian
8. Claw Marks On The Throne
9. Night Visitor
10. Ascend Into Darkness

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