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Drift into Black radiates depressive gloom in new “The Burial Gown” video (official premiere)

New York metropolitan area-based one-man project Drift into Black (masterminded by former Grey Skies Fallen keyboardist Craig Rossi) is now showcasing its brand new music/lyric video for single “The Burial Gown” which appears on the upcoming ‘Patterns of Light’ full-length album (due out April 23rd via Black Doomba Records – pre-order).

Featuring melodious blackened riffs, a mixture of clean and death-laden harsh vocals, and adorned with lyrics that convey feelings of sadness, anguish and despair, “The Burial Gown” takes listeners on a melancholy-filled dark ride that lasts close to seven minutes. The fresh clip for the aforementioned track was created by metal video producers YOD Multimedia (Abysmal Piss, Abortion Survivor, Tethra), and helps bring to the forefront the song’s gothic and doom influences.

Craig commented, “I am very excited for everyone to see the lyric video for ‘The Burial Gown’. The imagery depicts the midway portion of the storyline. Autumn whom is mute has just buried her mother. She was slowly poisoned by her step father. With her mother now gone Autumn has no one to sign to. She flees out of desperation, in the grip of fear now that SHE is his next target. She visits her mother’s grave and has to make the grim decision to take her own life or allow him to take it…..It’s a point in the storyline where listeners will want to know how we got here and how it ends.

For fans of Saturnus, My Dying Bride, Ghost Brigade, Amorphis and the like, make sure to follow Drift into Black via the links provided below, and do check out ‘Patterns of Light’ in full when it releases this spring.

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