Alpha Boötis release lyric video for “Stowaway Ants”

Quebec disco synth metal act Alpha Boötis have released a new video for their track “Stowaway Ants.” The song serves as the title-track from their ‘Stowaway Ants EP’ (released in December).

Guitarist Ozymandias comments:

I started writing this song during a road-trip through the US east coast in a time that already feels distant and foreign… November 2019. I was inspired by a lonely ant who hopped in our car as we left North Carolina’s Outer Banks and stayed with us all the way to the New Jersey Pinelands. I just thought about how massive and unfathomable that distance must have felt to such a small being and found parallels to our perception of outer space and interstellar distances. That’s the emotion I wanted to convey in the song, as well as the hope and exhilaration that inhabits explorers and pioneers.

It was also the first piece we wrote with saxophone in mind from the beginning, which was a fun challenge.

Our saxophonist, Krøgorlön is also a huge cinema fan, and plans on studying film in college next year. So we put him in charge of making this lyrics video for Stowaway Ants and he delivered this damaged-VHS-meets-acid-trip of a video. He told me that he would personally buy a Kit-Kat bar to whoever can identify the movie he stole the “Ende” screen from. Consider it a challenge!


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