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Stream new Eight.Fold.Path lyric video, “Fear” (premiere)

High-energy act Eight.Fold.Path has released its powerful new single filled with heavy guitars and striking rhythm titled “Fear,” which you can check out below via a fresh lyric video. The song delves into the exploration of intimate vulnerabilities and is also inspired in part by ‘Litany Against Fear’ from Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic science fiction novel ‘Dune.’

Mastermind behind the project, Shannon Kerr comments on the new single, “I wanted this song to speak to, and for, everyone who is living their life while dealing with a mood disorder or mental illness. It can be incredibly overwhelming just to accomplish what others might think of as ‘everyday’; it can be difficult to survive, let alone thrive.

Shannon adds, “I wrote “Fear” during a period of examining my own chronic anxiety. It can feel overwhelming, as if I’m being attacked, but I’ve realized my fear is created inside my own mind, and I can choose how I deal with it: keeping it inside to fester, or letting it go. I can feel the anxious emotions and still make the choice: I Will Not Fear.

Kerr ends with, ““FEAR” is about living that experience and refusing to let it stop you. I’m extremely proud of how it came out, and incredibly grateful to Patrick Simmons of Multimedia Mercenaries for the perfect album art and video to reflect the entire message.

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