Erdve announce stream filmed inside Lithuanian prison

Lithuanian post-metal/hardcore sludge act Erdve have announced the airing of a performance that took place at Lukiškės Prison in Vilnius, Lithuania in September 2020. The streaming event will launch on February 27 at 12PM EST, with tickets available for purchase at this location. Check out a teaser clip below.

Erdve comment, “Our goal was to enhance the eerie atmosphere of the prison architecture with our musical performance, yet you could still feel the smell and the surrounding energy from the recent prison life. We are happy to be able to share this documented footage shot by NO BRAKE productions, providing an intimate look from multiple points of view. Having such an event during a calmer period of the pandemic was a challenge that could’ve left us with nothing, but we have managed to do this before any harsh restrictions were reinstated. Since this show had a very limited capacity due to the Covid regulations, we made sure to capture this experience in a professional manner and provide an opportunity to those who didn’t have a chance to attend the event or would like to revisit it at home.

Here’s more info from a presser, “This show is probably the last chance for anyone to see the inside of the prison and how it looked like since it was built in 1905. Lukiškės Prison is inactive since 2019 and is now closed for renovation. The stage is set up in a round 4-level hall which is a main part of a 1st prison block that used to serve as a death row for prisoners a while ago. After the death penalty became prohibited in 1998, the 1st prison block was only for prisoners serving a life-sentence right until 2019 relocation of inmates to another prison.

Erdve are supporting their full-length offering on Season of Mist, ‘Vaitojimas,’ which you can stream in full below (buy it here). The band are planning to release a new album come this summer, stay tuned for more details.

Erdve stream at Lukiškės Prison

‘Vaitojimas’ track-list:
1. Vaitojimas (5:48)
2. Išnara (7:43)
3. Prievarta (6:17)
4. Apverktis (4:49)
5. Pilnatvė (7:04)
6. Atraja (5:19)
Total playing time: 37:00

Vaidotas Darulis: guitar, vocals
Kristijonas Nenartavičius: guitar, soundscapes
Karolis Urbanavičius: bass
Valdas Voveraitis: drums

Guest musician:
Laimis Juzeliūnas: Samples on “Išnara”

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