Finntroll unleash new anthem, “Ormfolk”

Finnish blackened folk metal legends Finntroll have just posted their new song dubbed “Ormfolk” (English translation: “Wrath-woven”), which appears on the act’s new full-length album on Century Media Records, ‘Vredesvävd’ (due out September 18th – pre-order).

The band says, “After seven years of hiding, ‘Ormfolk’ slithers its way to bring the human race a prelude of the forthcoming chaos which even global pandemics are unable to prevent. Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa will ensure that your ears will be hissing for a long time!

Stream “Ormfolk”:

‘Vredesvävd’ Tracklist:

Väktaren 00:02:48
Att Döda Med En Sten 00:03:37
Ormfolk 00:03:58
Grenars Väg 00:03:44
Forsen 00:04:07
Vid Häxans Härd 00:04:01
Myren 00:02:49
Stjärnors Mjöd 00:04:08
Mask 00:03:01
Ylaren 00:05:06

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