Fit for a King brought the calvary to New York City (photos)

Metalcore fans don’t fool around. They not only showed up for the first band, but jumped, bounced and swung fist till the end of the show. When you have fans like that, it pumps the band to perform, especially when they came all the way from down under. Northlane and Alpha Wolf, both from Australia, really showed their presence on the east coast. People threw down and sung all the words. Dope night from beginning to end.

The first band, Kingdom of Giants, took the stage and launched into their set with intense energy. The lead singer’s scream ripped throughout the venue. The band followed with equally impressive heavy riffing and explosive drumming. Despite not being familiar with their music beforehand, I found myself thoroughly enjoying their performance and headbanging along with the rest of the crowd.

After a short break, Alpha Wolf took the stage and (for being the second band) it almost felt like they were the headliner. The pit instantly erupted when they took the stage. The singer enjoyed that immensely and really made the security guards work those barricades. You always gotta give credit where credit’s due; being the second band, these security guards had their work cut out for them. That and the people in the front row take the brunt of kicks and slams. The singer of Fit for a King actually pointed this out, made sure to show some love. Alpha Wolf had the whole crowd chanting along, proving that the east coast can represent.

Now was time for my second vodka soda (it helps get better pictures). The lights went down and the crowd united in cheer to welcome Northlane to the stage. They literally had the crowd singing along every word, which was what exactly happened next, when Fit for a King took the stage. Fit for a King literally has an army. Their fans know every word, they circle pit when told, and they pick anyone up that goes down. Their set was a perfect mix of classic hits and newer material. On top of such a great night, Fit for a King are just excellent showmen.

Fit for a King’s bassist was literally jumping, roundhouse kicking, and throwing his bass over his shoulders constantly. They don’t stop moving and my favorite part, the guitarist wore a Pantera shirt. You’re automatically good in my book. The band rang through Irving Plaza like a thunderstorm. Definitely check them out next time they come around, it’s a guaranteed good time.

Check out live photos of Fit for a King, Northlane, Alpha Wolf, and Kingdom of Giants from their sold-out March 5th show in NYC via the gallery below (all shots by Dylan Lappin). Fit for a King’s headlining tour end on March 19th in Dallas, TX at Amplified Live, see all remaining dates here.

Fit for a King’s newest album, ‘The Hell We Create,’ is out now through Solid State.

Coming soon to Irving Plaza:
03/10 – Unwound, Horsegirl [TIX]
03/11 – Unwound, Versus [TIX]
03/12 – Unwound, Teke::Teke [TIX]
03/16 – Steel Panther, Crobot, Tragedy [TIX]

Kingdom of Giants:

Alpha Wolf:


Fit for a King:

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