Goat Torment share new album details, post first single

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment will be releasing their third full-length, ‘Forked Tongues,’ on October 29 via Season of Mist Underground Activists! Cover art, tracklist, and other details can be found below! The band is now sharing the pummeling title track, which can be heard at THIS LOCATION [embedded below].

“Forked Tongues” is available to pre-save across all streaming platforms HERE.

GOAT TORMENT comments on the track: “Here is our first single and also the title track from our third upcoming album ‘Forked Tongues.’ This song is an example of what the album is about and what we are representing. Crushing, straightforward and no nonsense. New portals were opened in every aspect to shape the evolution of the band and together with our sound engineer, Jérémie Bézier, we got what we were aiming for!”

Pre-sales are now live HERE.

‘Forked Tongues’ track list:
1. Pantheon Of Devourment (5:21)
2. Disorder And Disruption (4:12)
3. Cursed (5:29)
4. Forked Tongues (4:46) (LISTEN)
5. The Road To Oblivion (2:08)
6. Profanation (5:13)
7. Deceitful Faith (5:38)
8. Ravenous Ghouls (5:41)
9. Charnel Houses (4:46)
Total: 43:14

Kwel: Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Torturer: Drums

Recording Studio:
Drums at MMP Studio, Duisburg (DE).
Vocals at Blackout Studio, Brussel (BE).
Guitars and Bass at Goat Torment’s Lair (BE)
Mixing and Mastering: Jérémie Bézier (EMPTINESS) at Blackout Studio, Brussel (BE)

Recording Line-up:
Kwel: Guitars & vocals
Vagus Nox: Guitars & Bass
Torturer: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Guest Vocals on ‘Forked Tongues’ by Thelma Ramon
Lyrics for ‘Charnel Houses’ by Rogier Droog

Cover art: Olivier Lomer (EMPTINESS)

Press release courtesy of Season of Mist

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