Hardcore punks GameStomp release 5-track effort, ‘Apes Together Strong’

Ahead of tomorrow’s (June 9th) first quarter fiscal shareholder meeting for gaming merchandise retailer GameStop, hardcore punk act GameStomp have dropped their inaugural release, a new five-song effort titled ‘Apes Together Strong.’ The brief release features tunes like “To The Moon,” “Diamond Hands” and “I Like The Stonk.”

An official statement from GameStomp’s people reads, “With these 5 anthems for the retail investing craze, GameStomp channels a collective hatred of the billionaire hedge funds who have been manipulating small money retail investors for decades. For too long, a veil of secrecy covered high finance – until technology and a sharing of knowledge online pulled back the curtain and removed barriers that once kept small-time investors from having their piece of the pie. But no longer. A spectacular coming together has proven that the individual investor may be vulnerable to scare tactics and disinformation campaigns, but that’s not true of a united community. An ape alone is weak. Apes Together Strong.

And in case you were wondering, yes, all members of GameStomp are currently diamond handing GameStop stock, as per their publicist. Listen to ‘Apes Together Strong’ in full below, and pick up some merchandise here.

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