Hyro The Hero shares “FU2” video single (ft. AJ Channer)

Rock/hip-hop fusion act Hyro The Hero has posted his new single “FU2“,” which features a guest appearance from Fire From the Gods vocalist AJ Channer — check out the tune below in official music video form.

Regarding the fresh track, a presser states, “[“FU2”] is an inferno of emotion and anthemic rallying cry that urges the listener to put down their phones, to stop hiding behind hashtags, and to be fully aware of the influence and control that our mobile devices and apps can have on us. The track ultimately encourages us to live in the now.

Hyro comments, “‘FU2’ is action-packed. AJ Channer and I went absolutely crazy on this track. We are in a wild time in the world right now that I feel pushes division. I’m all about the people, but certain powers have used social media to keep us fighting. Though the message is strong, I do not want it mixed up with any agenda. I’m 100% about the 99%.

Channer adds, “Hyro and I go way back and a collaboration together is long overdue. I’m so stoked on everything he’s been doing and taking part in this song means so much to me. I only hope we can play it together one day on tour!


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