KOJ drop new single/video “Pamela”

German indie three-piece KOJ share their new single “Pamela” along with a music video. It’s the fourth single from the bands Long Branch Records label debut album “HOME” coming August 21st, 2020. “Pamela” is heavily influenced by the aesthetic of movies like Drive or Blade Runner and has that very smooth vibe, which makes it the perfect track for late-night driving. The song talks about all of the contradictions that we find ourselves in as humans. We try to fix what’s not perfect, put on that make-up, try to fit the mold, manufacture a picture of ourselves designed for the perception of others. However, there is that feeling that all of these outward factors are irrelevant because they are not who we are. “I don’t feel right here in the light, ‘cause I do belong here with the night”, essentially wants to say that you are not made up by all the shiny things on the outside, but more importantly by all the little things that we try to keep in the dark too often.

Stream “Pamela” here:

Pre-order the album here > https://koj.lnk.to/home

KOJ comments on new single “Pamela”:

“Pamela is named, yet again, after a famous actress. What started out as an inside joke actually made a lot of sense when looking at the theme of the song and so Pamela was born. The way in which society portrayed, or to this date portrays, women in TV and film or in society in general was and still is at times highly sexualized and objectifying. Women are supposed to be pretty, desirable or of a certain body type. We all play many different roles in our lives. We pretend to be someone, that we really aren’t or don’t want to be anymore. The song wants to encourage each and every one of us to be braver in showing ourselves in a way that feels authentic to us, even if it’s not what others expect of us.
Songwriting for Pamela was initiated by listening to old jamming material on our hard drive together with our producer and engineer Beray Habip. We got hooked on a synth harmonization on one of the jams and made this the foundation of Pamela.”

Tracklist “HOME”:
1 Stars
2 Home
3 Pamela
4 Jenny
5 Human Love
6 Thunder
7 Unscarred
8 Scarlett

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