Lorna Shore release “Death Portrait” drum playthrough video

NJ deathcore titans Lorna Shore have posted (via Sick Drummer Magazine) a drum playthrough clip for their song “Death Portrait,” which appears on the band’s latest full-length album on Century Media Records, ‘Immortal.’


Gear List:

Drum Kit:
SJC Navigator Series Drums
20×18 Kick Drum
10×7 Rack Tom
12×8 Rack Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
13×7 SJC ‘Goliath’ Bell Brass Snare

Cymbals (left to right):
18” Paiste PST8 Reflector Rock China
14” Paiste Signature Hi Hats
17” Paiste 900 Series Heavy Crash
10” Paiste Signature Reflector Splash
8” Paiste Alpha Splash
19” Paiste 900 Series Heavy Crash
22” Paiste Rude ‘Reign’ Ride
18” Paiste Rude China

Axis AL-2 Longboard Double Pedals
Footblaster Drum Trigger System
Pro-Mark 5B Wood Tip Rebound Sticks
Shure 215 In Ear System
Evans Drumheads
Gibraltar Hardware
Vratim Drum Shoes
Drum Dots Dampening System

Filmed and Edited By: Brett Miller @ BKM Video

Recorded by: Andrew Archey and Rob Cruz at SOPAC
Edited by: Michael “Moke” Yager
Mixed/Mastered by: Cody Stewart
Drum Tech: Dan Stankus (TheDrumNerd)

Filmed at: South Orange Performing Arts Center in New Jersey

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