Lost Symphony release new single “Conflagration”

Symphonic/classical metallers Lost Symphony will unleash upon the world their new effort, ‘Chapter II,’ on October 16, 2020 (pre-order).

Marking the follow-up to their debut album ‘Chapter I’ (released earlier this year), the new 8-track opus features contributions from Marty Friedman, David Ellefson, Jeff Loomis, Bumblefoot and more.

Today, the band have let loose new single “Conflagration,” which features the late Oli Herbert (All That Remains) along with musicians Matt LaPierre and Conrad Simon. Stream the track below.

Regarding the new single, band founder Benny Goodman states: “When I hear the song, I just think of the whole world burning. Basically, the guitar players are getting us out. It has the most testosterone. It was literally blowing up my speakers like a ‘Conflagration.’ The adrenaline speaks for itself.

With All That Remains, I’m doing about 16 bar solos on every song, so I have a very modest amount of time to say what I need to say,” Herbert previously noted. “With this, [Ben]’s like ‘Hey man, I want you to play over like 64 bars.’ So, I have to really think differently about my structure and approach. It’s kind of like more is more, and it lets me really get that side out of me. It really made me consolidate all my resources and put down as much material as possible. I think it’s made me a much better player and musician.

Check out “Conflagration”:

‘Chapter II’ track listing:
1. The World is Over (feat. Marty Friedman & Jeff Loomis)
2. Leave Well Enough Alone (feat. Jason Costa & Conrad Simon)
3. Negation Delirium (feat. Oli Herbert, Joey Concepcion & Jimi Bell)
4. No Exit (feat. David Ellefson, Jeff Loomis & Jimi Bell)
5. The Garden of Earthly Delights (feat. Oli Herbert, David Abbruzzese, Rusty Cooley, Jimi Bell, Joey Concepcion, Matt LaPierre & Conrad Simon)
6. Conflagration (feat. Oli Herbert, Matt LaPierre & Conrad Simon)
7. A Murder of Crows (feat. Jon Donias, Matt Bachand & Jimi Bell)
8. The Long Wait for the End (feat. Oli Herbert, Conrad Simon & Matt LaPierre)

Lost Symphony online:

Artist photo by Eric Snyder

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