Nicarus drops new video “Coal People, Coal Puppets”

Nicarus, the one woman band featuring Israel’s Tali Green, has released a new video for her song “Coal People, Coal Puppets.” The song is a remastered version from her recently released album of the same name.

Tali commented, “I am so happy to release this video! It is one of my most personal and meaningful creations, it was the birth of Nicarus and written in a realm between the worlds in times of both darkness and light.

Watch the video: [LINK – embedded below]
Buy ‘Coal People, Coal Puppets’: [LINK]

01. We Can See Their Lies
02. Are You Afraid To Die Alone
03. Coal People Coal Puppets
04. The Architect of Grime
05. With Storms We Thrive
06. The Stuff You Pack When You Are A Time Traveler

Press release courtesy of Dewar PR

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