NOFX streamed from Fat Mike’s backyard (video)

Earlier this month, LA punk rock vets NOFX aired a special live streaming event from band member “Fat” Mike Burkett’s backyard, which saw the band performing a full rendition of their 1992 full-length record, ‘White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean,’ for the first time ever.

NOFX’s full set from the live stream has been made available to watch via YouTube, and can be streamed below.

Setlist (thanks to

01. Soul Doubt
02. Stickin’ in My Eye
03. Bob
04. You’re Bleeding (First time since 2006, Eric Melvin on vocals)
05. Straight Edge (Minor Threat cover)
06. Liza and Louise (First time since 2012)
07. The Bag (First time since 2011)
08. Please Play This Song on the Radio (First time since 2009)
09. Warm (Live Debut)
10. I Wanna Be Your Baby (First time since 1993)
11. Johnny Appleseed (First time since 2007)
12. She’s Gone (First time since 2000)
13. Buggley Eyes (First time since 2006)


Featured photo via NOFX’s Facebook

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