Noisecide drop “Good Old Days” lyric video

Noisecide is a band with a focus on blurring the lines between a wide variety of styles, including alternative metal, post-punk, and industrial, among other styles.

“Good Old Days” feels like a huge soundscape, with a massive production that highlights the sheer dynamic range and size of the band’s amazing music. The dynamics are huge from the get-go, with big bass tones and pounding rhythms that add to the aggressive edge of the band’s sound. However, there is also some melody here, which highlights the band’s ability to really explore different possibilities and open up their music to different creative approaches. As a result, their sound is all the more inspiring and diverse.

Noisecide makes music that is highly recommended if you do enjoy the sound of artists like Anathema, Deafheaven, and Blutengel, only to mention a few. However, this band sounds nothing like those particular influences, leading to a diverse and explosive sound that has something special to offer.

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