Nonpoint to play ‘Statement’ in full via online streaming event

Fort Lauderdale, Florida alternative metal outfit Nonpoint have announced plans to perform their 2000 third full-length album, ‘Statement,’ in its entirety during their just announced live stream event set for October 10, 2020. In addition, the band will also live stream past shows each Saturday leading up to the big stream on 10/10.

Here’s full info from the band:

Nonpoint presents a monthlong online experience with a finale you’ve all requested for years! Nonpoint is taking you on a journey through some of it’s biggest cities, through its toughest stories and lead you to an event 20 years in the making. On 10/10/2020 Nonpoint celebrates the anniversary of it’s first record STATEMENT by performing it in its entirety LIVE online, along with conversations that will take a deeper look into their 20 years of making a statement. Follow along the three Saturday’s leading up to the Statement live stream, with 3 LOW DOUGH SHOWS in Nonpoint’s most iconic cities. Also join with the band chatting along throughout and engaging in questions and conversations with fans during all the lead up shows.

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Check out the official announcement video below.

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