Omega Infinity stream new song “Saturn”

Ambient black metallers Omega Infinity (ft. members of Ne Obliviscaris, Todtgelichter) have posted (via Invisible Oranges) their new track, “Saturn,” which is the third single off their forthcoming full-length ‘Solar Spectre’ (out 3/27 on Season of Mist).

Omega Infinity comment:

Today you will face the devourer of worlds, the end of all, the planet eater – Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the third emanation from The Void: ‘Saturn!’

Get more LP details below.

Stream “Saturn”:

Track List:
1. Uranus (01:56)
2. Mars (07:05)
3. Venus (03:46)
4. Jupiter (07:26)
5. Sol (05:24)
6. Neptune (06:46)
7. Saturn (04:19)
8. Terra (03:50)
9. Mercury (02:59)
10. Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (KILLING JOKE cover) (04:29) *
Total: 0:48:00

*Bonus track only on digipak

Xenoyr – Vocals
Tentakel P. – Everything

Guest musicians:
Marta (TODTGELICHTER, VYRE): Female vocals on “Venus” and “Neptune”
C.Kolf (VALBORG, OWL, GRUENEWALD a.m.m.): Clean vocals and screams on “Mars” and “Jupiter”

Recording studio:
Instruments: Deep Void Studios
Xenoyr’s vocals: Troy McCosker, Audio Ninja Studios
Marta’s vocals: Siegmar Pohl, Dying Lizard Studios
Christian Kolf’s Vocals: Studio 308

Producer / sound engineer: Tentakel P., Deep Void Studios

Mixing studio and engineer: Tentakel P., Deep Void Studios

Mastering studio and engineer: Markus Stock, Klangschmiede E

Cover Art and Logo Design: Xenoyr

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