Onchocerciasis Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

Onchocerciasis Esophagogastroduodenoscopy post new song “Profane Psalms Carved Into The Palms of God”

Canadian slam/brutal deathgrinders Onchocerciasis Esophagogastroduodenoscopy have shared (via Distorted Sound Mag) their new single “Profane Psalms Carved Into The Palms of God,” which you can check out below.

The new track appears on the band’s upcoming full-length debut, ‘The Rotted Plinth of Sachiel,’ which is set for release on April 9th through Stillbirth Records (pre-order). See the LP’s full track listing and cover art below.

Speaking on the new song, OxEx multi instrumentalist Caleb Simard states, “‘Profane Psalms…’ is probably the track that means the most to me on this album. Jesse (- Agiomamitis, vocals) had an idea of having a funeral-doomish track, inspired by Disentomb, and I wrote the song in an hour. I am very happy with it. We hope listeners enjoy this new approach to the composition. This album means a lot to us.


‘The Rotted Plinth Of Sachiel’ tracklisting:
01 The Rotted Plinth Of Sachiel
02 Facial Gutting
03 Bloodroot & Blazing Sun
04 Flayed Tellurian Husk
05 Fervid Genital Skinning
06 Alluvial Maelstrom Of Frenzied Self-Mutilation
07 The Rose Of Jericho
08 At The Gates Of Unyielding Abuse
09 Profane Psalms Carved Into The Palms Of God

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