ORCumentary releases ORChestrated version of “Goblin Death March”

ORCumentary has released an “ORChestrated” version of his classic track “Goblin Death March” as a lyric video. The track is from his upcoming album ‘Fully ORChestrated’ which remakes many of his classic tracks.

Orc Adams commented, “Here is the biggest orc rock hit like you’ve never heard it before! Giving Goblin Death March the “ORChestrated” treatment was challenging, but I am so happy with the end result and, dare I say, I think it’s better than the original! The music video from 2013 is a fun homage to retro gaming, so I couldn’t resist mashing up the new audio of GDM with the old visuals.

Watch the video:

Pre-order: https://orcumentary.bigcartel.com/

1.) The Time of the Orc Has Come
2.) Goblin Death March (ORChestrated)
3.) The Betrayer’s Song (ORChestrated)
4.) Troll Snot (ORChestrated)
5.) Where There’s A Whip, There’s A Way!
6.) Orcs on Ice (ORChestrated)
7.) Orc in my Bathtub (ORChestrated)
8.) Smoke the Ashes of Your Enemy with a Pipe Carved From Their Bones (ORChestrated)

About ORCumentary
The time of the orc… has come! ORCumentary is a long running orc metal project from the mind of Orc Adams. Formed in 2006 when Adams was just a Lord of the Rings-obsessed kid, the band grew to surprising success, playing hundreds of shows, achieving viral success and opening for bands like Agalloch and Fen. While it may seem silly, ORCumentary has seen critical acclaim everywhere from Loudwire to Metal Injection.

Their brand of orc and comedy inspired melodic metal may be off beat – but it has certainly found its fantasy obsessed audience! Having been initially inspired by acts like Amorphis, Finntroll and Sabaton as well as of course by LOTR, ORCumentary rapidly developed a unique sound. Their live show sees Adams taking on the persona of an orc, speaking in a different voice, swaggering about the stage and insulting his audience. It all ties into a larger backstory where his character seeks to overcome the free races to ensure orc supremacy.

This stage show has won him acclaim across the internet, in particular with a hilarious set at a Hot Topic and then again when he provided an orc metal alternative to 2019’s much-maligned Maroon 5 Super Bowl halftime show. His sets are known for their self aware humor, but also their gleeful nerdiness. After all – that’s what orc metal is all about!

Now, after several years of silence, ORCumentary is back, preparing to release his 2021 album ‘Fully ORChestrated’ and eager to take on the world.

Connect with ORCumentary
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ORCumentaryOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ORCumentary
Bandcamp: https://orcumentary.bandcamp.com/

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