Organ Dealer members lose “nearly everything” in fire, need our help

Guitarist Jeffrey Knoblauch and drummer Eric Schnee of New Jersey grindcore act Organ Dealer lost their apartment in a fire this past weekend.

Jeffrey and Eric’s friend Ana-Paula Dobrian broke the news, immediately setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help the guys out. “I’m posting this on behalf of our pals Jeffrey Knoblauch and Eric Schnee of Organ Dealer,” states Ana. “They lost nearly everything last night. Please donate what you can and share if you are unable to donate.”

Jeff explains further: “Might as well just share it because yeah it’s wild and it happened. Last night Eric Schnee’s and my apartment burned down. We are ok. The whole house got out and the neighbors got out. Our downstairs neighbor went to the hospital for burns. He’s alive but currently in a medically induced coma.”

Jeff continues to say: “Boonton fire department and surrounding fire departments responded fast and were able to put the fire out around 2am or so. If Eric hadn’t been in his room and seen it when he did we would probably be in much worse shape because it went up fast. And yeah. We got out. Possessions can be replaced we’re alive. Love you all.”

Yikes, possessions can totally be replaced and we’re glad to hear everyone is alive. Here’s that GoFundMe link again.

Back in March, Organ Dealer were forced to cancel their west coast tour due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In positive news, the band have begun writing material for their next full length album — stay tuned for more info.

Top photo via GoFundMe

Botom photo via Facebook

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