Pig Destroyer release ‘Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC’ album

VA grind masters Pig Destroyer surprise released their new live album, ‘Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC,’ today. The album was recorded during the band’s two-night stand at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY late 2019.

The band said, “We love playing St. Vitus, and had a blast recording these two sets there in October of 2019. Although we are currently writing a new record, we hope this document will fill in the gap for no live shows!

Stream the effort below via Bandcamp. A limited edition vinyl version of the album will be available for purchase starting June 11th (pre-order).

1. Sys (Live) 01:13
2. The American’s Head (Live) 01:06
3. Eve (Live) 01:35
4. Loathsome (Live) 04:19
5. Scarlet Hourglass (Live) 00:57
6. Thumbsucker (Live) 02:17
7. The Gentleman (Live) 01:24
8. Sourheart (Live) 01:19
9. Concrete Beast (Live) 03:46
10. Rotten Yellow (Live) 01:30
11. Deathtripper (Live) 01:42
12. Circle River (Live) 02:42
13. Totaled (Live) 00:59
14. Crippled Horses (Live) 01:52
15. Gravedancer (Live) 02:04
16. The Machete Twins (Live) 03:00
17. Jennifer (Live) 01:20
18. Cheerleader Corpses (Live) 00:36
19. Scatology Homework (Live) 00:50
20. Trojan Whore (Live) 02:06
21. Piss Angel (Live) 02:37
22. Starbelly (Live) 04:41
23. Junkyard God (Live) 02:29

Here’s the YouTube version:

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