Resolve share “Seasick Sailor” music video

Resolve have posted their new music video for fresh track “Seasick Sailor” — check out the clip below.

Regarding the new video single, the band say, “Sonically, we’ve never been a band that settles for a formula, and this track is no exception. The song starts off with Anthony’s vocals at their barest, and an upbeat, almost cheerful vibe that doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done in the past. Obviously, it quickly picks up into more familiar heaviness, and what we consider to be our strongest chorus hook yet. But the overall vibe is leaning more towards the rock side on this one for a change.

They add, “From the first demo, we knew that we wanted this song to be the first release for the new era of Resolve. Sure, we could have played it extra safe and release a fast and intense track that sounded like our most successful release yet (2019’s ‘Of Silk and Straw’). But we also learned that more often, what pays off and truly resonates with people is being honest, raw, and real. And ‘Seasick Sailor’ is exactly that.

About the clip itself, they comment, “How do you tell on-screen stories of sailing, ships, and thunderstorms without having the budget for a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel? We went for a ‘say-more-with-less’ approach, using a bathtub to symbolize the ocean. From there, the story takes a more personal approach and invites the viewer to see past the initial story, and hopefully feel inspired to let go of fear and take the big jumps in life.


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