Seven Kingdoms crowdfunding their new effort, ‘The Great Goat Rodeo’

Florida power metallers Seven Kingdoms have started a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to fund their new effort, ‘The Great Goat Rodeo.’

Here’s more info from the band:

Due to how the pandemic has hit the music industry, as a band, we had to make some serious changes to our release and touring schedule. We wanted to push something new a little sooner than later, and make something that is representative of the ‘Goat Rodeo’ that 2020 is. We have recorded a stand alone Single, a Short Film and also an 8 Episode Documentary for immediate release as goals are met in our Crowdfunding Campaign. ’The Great Goat Rodeo’ is a fun idea we have had for a very long time, and it’s designed to give people a little comic relief in these uncertain times. We will immediately begin work on our next EP while this rolls out. Take a look at our Campaign for more information on the Project!

We will be releasing the Short Film as soon as our first goal is hit, a Cover Song announced and to be recorded at our first stretch goal, then a 7” 45RPM Vinyl Pressing of ’The Great Goat Rodeo’ + the Cover Song as our final stretch goal!

With the help of their fans, Seven Kingdoms have successfully funded their last 3 releases: ‘In The Walls’ EP, ‘Decennium’, and ‘Empty Eyes’ EP via Kickstarter.

Check out the trailer for the Short Film, ’The Great Goat Rodeo,’ here:

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