Society 1 post “Bleed You Away” music video

Industrial rock/metallers Society 1 have shared a brand new futuristic clip for their single “Bleed You Away,” which appears on their impending full-length effort, ‘Black Level Six.’

The announcement notes:

As the head of his own production company, Lord Zane Productions, SOCIETY 1 vocalist Lord Zane has directed and produced videos for numerous artists, including Zakk Wylde, DMC (Run DMC), Static-X, John 5 and many more, but directing the video for “Bleed You Away” was a massive undertaking.

Zane himself adds:

This was one hell of a video project to put together but my production company, Lord Zane Productions, did one hell of a job. I love sci-fi and always wanted to do some type of futuristic space theme. Luckily when you have your own video company you can do crazy projects like this. The track has some electronic elements, so it seemed like a good fit to finally explore my love of spaceships, holograms and lasers. I know it seems weird, but I just didn’t want to do another video of a band in a warehouse or desert banging their heads.


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