Tallah reveals vocal performance video for ‘The Silo’

Following last week’s unveiling of their latest single ‘The Silo,” Pennsylvania nu-core metal band TALLAH has released a new video for the track featuring the incredible vocal performance by frontman and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz. The video features Bonitz real-time vocals that were captured on track in one-take.


Commenting on the vocal video, Bonitz says, “this is a real-time, one-take performance of Tallah’s new song, “The Silo” off our upcoming album, “Matriphagy.” I am quite proud of this performance, as it was done in one take and one take only. I have been working very hard on my vocals, and it was exciting to hear myself nail all the notes without messing up. Hope you enjoy!


Releasing on October 2nd via Earache Records and available to pre-order now, Tallah’s forthcoming concept album offers graphic details of a series of gruesome and traumatic family affairs. Without publicly alluding to whether or not the story emanated from any real life events, Justin details the horrifying drama that unfolds, giving fans a small insight about the innermost thoughts and workings of Tallah.

“Matriphagy is a concept album about how an overprotective mother pushes her son to the edge of insanity through psychological and physical abuse. Having spent two decades trapped inside a glorified prison, and after some failed rescue/escape attempts, the son, in a state of heavy delirium, does the unforgivable to free himself from his mother’s wicked hold.”

Ripped from the still-beating heart of the album’s midpoint, ‘The Silo’ showcases a bold and confident evolution in the band’s style, building on the foundations of their 2018 debut EP ‘No One Should Read This’. The single premiered on the week of release by Kerrang! Radio’s Johnny Doom.

Opening with sharp snare tones and flange-affected guitar notes reminiscent of Korn’s 1998 hit single ‘Freak on a Leash’, ‘The Silo’ perfectly spearheads the band’s mission to pull on the threads of nostalgia of early 2000s nu-metal bands as Bonitz leads the charge with an intense, angst-ridden lyrical explosion. With members ranging in age from 21-29, Tallah stand as flag-bearers for the disturbed, disillusioned and downtrodden masses of Gen-Z.

Max Portnoy offers the following insight into the musical direction of the band’s latest single.

“The Silo is the lightest track on the album, and the first time we’ve experimented with using more dynamics in our music. This song is a good example of showcasing what else we can do with our sound aside from the raw heaviness displayed in all our other tracks.”

TALLAH have confirmed that they will be unfolding a video series on their YouTube channel in the lead-up to the release of ‘Matriphagy’, with each entry detailing the conceptual details and importance of each track featuring on their forthcoming album. To follow the video series, subscribe to the band’s channel here.

TALLAH’s latest single ‘The Silo’ is available to stream and download now. ‘Matriphagy’ is available to pre order from Earache’s website, including limited edition vinyl, signed editions and merch bundles. For more updates on ‘Matriphagy’, follow the band on social media. For more from the Earache Records roster, check out their website.

Best described as ‘nu-core’, a genre painted with throwback elements to 2000s-era nu-metal but with a more modern, hardcore energy, Tallah shares a passion for playing intense, angry, loud, and heavy music.

Relying on the spirit of innovative metal realised through panicked guitar screams treated with industrial elements and distortion, Tallah’s screaming vocals mix with melodic choruses and driving bass guitar with deep and dirty tones, syncing up effortlessly with the thunderous bellow of drums and the screeching ping of the snare. With a ferociously energetic and depraved live performance that saw Justin Bonitz arrested in 2019, Tallah are about to make a bold statement of intent with their forthcoming antics, starting now.

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