Teloch Vovin to take part in ‘Crimen Laesae Maiestatis Divine’ stream event

NYC-based black/death metal outfit Teloch Vovin will take part in the ‘Crimen Laesae Maiestatis Divine’ concert streaming event which goes down on December 12th at 7:30PM EST via this location. Expect additional performances from Blood Feast and Charged For Battle.

Here’s more info from a press release:

New York City’s ritualistic black/death metal outfit TELOCH VOVIN has revamped its lineup and returns stronger than ever in 2020, announcing new music and a livestream event. A live video advancing the event is also now playing.

Following a recent personnel shift which sees an almost entirely new lineup, the re-imagined TELOCH VOVIN sees founding guitarist Grigori joined by drummer Ash, bassist Saturnus, lead guitarist C.0.S., and dueling vocalists Telal and Baba Ogun. The new collective has been diligently working on new material throughout 2020, and recently issued two new singles – “The Rite ov the Harvest Pt 1: The Rite ov the Reapers Blade” and “A Dirge to the Death ov Life, Love and Hope” – both pre-production versions of songs which will be finalized and included on a new split album to be announced in the months ahead.

Regarding the stream:

TELOCH VOVIN will also showcase the new lineup in their upcoming participation in Crimen Laesae Maiestatis Divine, a livestream event hosted by Armageddon Productions. With the filming and recording taking place through Next Phase Studios, the multi-camera livestream concert will also feature Charged For Battle and Bloodfeast, with each band playing an extended set followed by interviews and more. The Crimen Laesae Maiestatis Divine performance will be streamed on December 12th by Armageddon Productions and NY Metal Scene.

Check out Teloch Vovin’s new pre-production singles via their Bandcamp page. See a preview for the upcoming stream and the official flyer below.

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