Tetrarch share new song/video “I’m Not Right”

Metallic headbangers Tetrarch have unleashed their new song “I’m Not Right” in music video form. The track appears on the act’s upcoming sophomore album, ‘Unstable,’ which is due out this fall (stay tuned).

“The intro riff for it came very naturally to us and kicked off the writing process,” says guitarist Diamond Rowe regarding the new song. “It was heavy and pissed off sounding, which was super cool and really set the tone for the songs that followed.”

Rowe adds: “We are a band that believes in embracing flaws and being who you are. But sometimes there’s a journey to get to that point, and that’s what this song really encompasses. It is normal to feel a bit off sometimes, and it’s okay to talk about it. Sometimes you just don’t like something about yourself but how you go about changing that is what’s really important.”

Speaking on the fresh clip, which you can check out below, Diamond states: “We take a lot of pride in our performance and the energy that we put off live, so we knew we wanted there to be a performance aspect, but we also wanted to tell a bit of a story. Director Scott Hansen is always really cool to work with and open to any ideas that we may have, so that the video can match our vision. We’re pretty stoked with how it came out.”

Stream “I’m Not Right”:

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