THE HOLY FLESH set release date for CALIGARI debut demo, reveal first track

Today, Caligari Records sets March 27th as the international release date for The Holy Flesh’s striking debut demo, Emissary & Vessel, on cassette tape format.

Hailing from the UK, The Holy Flesh is the work of one solitary soul. It is the pursuit of the abyss through the harsh path of abnegation. “There shall be no weaklings in our midst, no frail hopes,” the mainman says…

Emissary & Vessel is The Holy Flesh’s first public recording, and it’s an exceedingly accomplished one at that. Tending toward the more dissonant side of psychedelic black metal, the eight-song/43-minute record works much in the way an album does: drawing the listener in to total experience, deftly balancing space and shade, and patiently allowing constructs to weave their sinuous magick through subtly spellbinding hooks. Put another way, these occult chants from the beyond will drift the listener downwards, into tunnels deep and fires black – “awakening a starving hermit who dares to venture the void,” again, as the mainman says…

While the future is wide open and only the present exists on which to base judgment, The Holy Flesh has hereby delivered an exceptionally strong first statement with Emissary & Vessel. Imbibe and receive the true essence of chaos….

Begin imbibing with the brand-new track “Emissary I” HERE at Caligari Records’ Bandcamp, where the tape can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for The Holy Flesh’s Emissary & Vessel
1. Emissary I
2. Emissary II
3. Emissary III
4. Emissary IV
5. Vessel I
6. Vessel II
7. Vessel III
8. Vessel IV

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