‘This Is Hardcore Fest’ 2020 has been officially cancelled

‘This Is Hardcore Fest’ 2020 – planned for this weekend in Philly – has been officially cancelled, unsurprisingly.

Organizers say:

Sorry for the delay in real information regarding TIHC 2020.

I’d hoped to have more clear and present info to disseminate about our plans for this year, but some things come up.
First and foremost, we appreciate being asked for comments from Jelisa/Noisey for their article instead of just writing a clickbait speculative article.

TIHC 2020 was in danger the monday before corona/covid came into our daily lives. Bryan Dilworth who brought us from our first venue to the factory in 2012 suddenly passed away. It struck a deep chord and took alot out of our sails. COVID and the need for social distancing put us without certainty. So we planned an outside venue situation and had planned to announce something roughly 3 weeks back, but with Philadelphia’s mayor making a rule against large gatherings til feb 2021, and our city’s covid infection rate spreading, we changed gears and began investigating streaming ideas. Sound Talent Group, Hate5six and some venues will be involved helping us get something together for mid September.

In the beginning, I said I wouldn’t cancel TIHC 2020, unless we’d exhaust all possible avenues and I’d hoped we had turned the corner in July but that is not the case and we will not be hosting a LIVE tihc event in 2020.

stay tuned for more info on what we will be doing in september

Stay tuned, we will.

Featured shot by Alex Basovskiy

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