Ulthar offer full stream of new album ‘Providence’

Oakland, California blackened death givers Ulthar have posted (via Decibel) a full stream of their new full-length album, ‘Providence,’ which officially drops this Friday (June 12th) via 20 Buck Spin (pre-order: physical + digital).

Here’s more info on the release via the official announcement:

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Deathgrave) at Earhammer Studios and mastered by Adam Tucker (False, Thou, Obsequiae) at Signaturetone Recording, Providence catapults the band’s signature brand of furiously-paced, inverted death metal and scathing angular blackness into new diseased realms of chaos and audio sickness.

Decibel adds:

Ulthar deliver labyrinthine blackened death metal so masterfully you’d think they designed the maze or are the minotaurs pacing it. The cover of Providence continues the surreal tree motif started on debut LP Cosmovore. However, it trades in the psychedelics and colors for a muted palette and more gruesome cover. You know the statue in which Pinhead is stuck in Hellraiser III? It’s like that but a tree – and with extra nudity. The sophomore LP’s music similarly ups the ante over the Oakland trio’s debut. At times (‘Churn,’ ‘Cudgel’) you can practically hear the box fan, as the band summons Morbid Angel. The influences are often as unorthodox as that Trey Azagthoth technique, with the darkness of Incantation struggling against the strangeness of Demilich. The often opt for the icy blitz of Immortal, while they often split the difference for fusion takes such as Sulphur Aeon or even mid-era Behemoth.


Artist photo by Melissa Petisa

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