Wake debut new video “Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania)”

Canadian extreme metal legion WAKE have released a nightmarish and paralyzing official music video for “Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania)” today via Revolver Magazine. In collaboration with Mitchell Luna (Maruta), the terror inducing new video shows the bands tormented take on Fijian folklore and sleep paralysis. About the track and video, WAKE frontman Kyle Ball comments:

“In Fiji, the experience of sleep paralysis is called Kana Tevoro. When somebody would be experiencing a sleep paralysis episode, they would consider this person possessed by a sleep demon who was eating them and a family member would sit next to the bed and repeat Kania, which means eat, to encourage the demon to eat longer and stick around long enough for the family to talk to it and find out why the demon is possessing this person. I’ve been dealing with sleep paralysis since I was a kid so the folklore surrounding it was really interesting to me.”

WAKE released their monumental new full-length, “Devouring Ruin” on March 27th via Translation Loss Records. “Devouring Ruin” is available now on all formats and digital platforms worldwide.

Stream “Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania)”:

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