WaxWorm premiere new tune “Klexos” (exclusive)

Australian/UK dark experimental industrial project WaxWorm – featuring Arthur Brown and Duncan Evans (ex-A Forest of Stars) – are gearing up for the unleashing of their debut album, ‘Mea Kulpa,’ on July 23rd through Trepanation Recordings (pre-order). Today, WaxWorm are ready to drop the impending album’s closing track, “Klexos,” which you can check out below.

Regarding ‘Mea Kulpa,’ Duncan says: “I’m really excited that Mea Kulpa, the upcoming WaxWorm album, is going to be released this summer. The project, which is a collaboration between me and my friend Arthur Brown, grew out of just throwing sounds and ideas around and letting the music evolve naturally. We wanted to make something heavy without using guitars, and we also wanted to borrow some ideas from electronic music and industrial. We’re really proud of the way the music turned out. We call dark electro-chaos, and we hope you enjoy the record.

The impending album’s official description reads, “The album is an expression of and a reaction to the fear, loneliness and dejection that can arise in all of us as we navigate the uncertainties and contradictions of human existence. Accordingly, the record is sometimes unsettling and disturbing, but it also brings catharsis and consolation.

Adding, “Often abrasive and noisy, but also rich with melody, the music is mostly electronic and largely instrumental. Incorporating brooding ambient soundscapes, skittering beats, dissonant noise and distorted synth patterns, the record draws influence from styles including dark ambient, industrial, metal, and electronic dance music. Occasionally, recordings of household objects and real instruments are twisted and contorted to fit within the makeup of the otherworldly synth textures. Lyrics and vocals were only used where they seemed to be necessary, with layered vocals on a few tracks sung by Evans and Brown.

As per the band, ‘Mea Kulpa’ is the product of several collaborative sessions between Arthur and Duncan (both in-person and remotely) which started in 2008. The record itself was shelved and revisited several times, and was finally finished this year.

For fans of Scorn, Nine Inch Nails, Covenant, Tangerine Dream and Lustmord, check out “Klexos” below and stay tuned for more from WaxWorm.



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