‘Wrecking Ball Metal Fest’ 2020 online stream announced

The Philadelphia-based event ‘Wrecking Ball Metal Fest’ has announced a live streaming concert to be held on Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 1PM EST exclusively on Rock Addict Radio’s official website.

With no reprieve on the immediate horizon in sight to have restrictions lifted for live shows, artists, bands, fans and the music industry as a whole are left to quiet nights in front of a computer screen scouring the interwebs for online streaming events,” says the stream announcement. “Since March, a number of events have been taking place worldwide, providing audiences with a chance to experience music performances via the Internet.”

Event organizer and promoter Billy Loney of Keep it Metal Promotions declares, “This year has been a real challenge for everyone, especially the music industry. Fans and artists have been disconnected by no fault of their own…this is just a way to bridge that gap.

Wrecking Ball Metal Fest, is part of the movement to bring live music back to the fans in some capacity,” states Spencer Streeter, Rock Addict Radio Station Manager and Program Director. “It’s a new and unique way for music to be experienced and we are happy to be a part of that.”

The fest lineup includes:
Agressor (Costa Rica)
Powerless Rise (US)
The Recasts (US)
Strike Master (Mexico)
Threatpoint (US)
Corners of Sanctuary (US)
Systeria featuring Jackie Chambers of Girlschool (UK)
Seventh Chaos (US)

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