Aether Realm release new song/video “Guardian”

Greenville, North Carolina melodic death metal folk act Aether Realm have released their new song, “Guardian,” in music video form. The track serves as the third single off the band’s impending new full-length album, ‘Redneck Vikings From Hell,’ which comes out on May 1st through Napalm Records (pre-order).

The official announcement reads:

The track cements the band’s versed songwriting talents, proving just how undeniably multi-talented AETHER REALM is. Its stunning accompanying visualizer video’s concept and animation were created by CHURCH GRiM (@churchgrimart).

Frontman Vincent “Jake” Jones adds:

Sometimes you write a song because it’s the song you want to hear, but sometimes you write a song because it’s the song you need.

I wound up living on a couch most of the time this album was being put together. For a lot of that time, it was uncertain whether I was on the “right” path – whether I was wasting my friends’ and my own time pursuing music as hard as we were. One night I was feeling particularly down, and I just started writing the things I wished someone would say to me in that moment. I felt a little better afterwards. I hope it’ll do that for someone else who needs it.

Stream “Guardian”:

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