Ashes of Redemption share their playlist (Death, Carcass, Cult Leader)

Detroit, Michigan-based thrash/groove metal act Ashes of Redemption (spearheaded by Justin Buell) recently independently unleashed ‘W​.​I​.​B.’ (short for ‘Washed in Blood’), the band’s debut EP, which was recorded with multiple different session artists from all around the world. “W.I.B was written and produced by Justin Buell who also undertook guitar and bass tracking,” states a presser. “The theme of the music is forcing yourself to persevere through some of life’s darkest moments.” Listen here.

Today (and continuing with our new column), Justin has graciously curated and shared with us a Spotify playlist consisting of tunes from Death, Hyperdontia, Beaten to Death, Manners, Carcass, Polyphia and more. The tracks are streamable here and below.

Justin tells us, “This playlist is a mix of classical death metal, grind and everything in between. It has non stop brutality and slow technical instrumentals. Some classics on here from Death and Carcass but many tracks from a lot lesser known bands, maybe some aren’t familiar with. Hopefully you enjoy and pick up a new favorite track along the way!


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