BADGUYSWIN share new “Honey Bucket” video

Canadian stoner rock trio BADGUYSWIN have posted (via New Noise Mag) an official clip for their new track titled “Honey Bucket,” which features a cameo by ExPain guitarist Pat Peeve.

Vocalist/guitarist Shane Sherman explains further:

When we first started writing ‘Honey Bucket’ we didn’t know how impactful of a song it would become. I brought the first two riffs to our drummer Zak and he felt it out quickly, incorporating a strong Spanish style groove to the bluesy sound. Later on, we wrote the chorus and it was apparent it had a very strong hook. The lyrics are a vague description of being dependent on something. Vague enough to leave the message up for interpretation, but direct enough to tell a story of desperation. Originally we had a different ending. But we didn’t feel it had enough impact. We wanted a powerful finish to the song that would translate well to a live audience. After a few different ideas we really nailed it down and it’s become a staple in our set.

BADGUYSWIN’s debut album, ‘Cowards,’ is out now.

Stream “Honey Bucket”:

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