Baroness unleash sonic mastery at New York City show (recap, photos)

Recently, I had the unbridled pleasure of viewing Baroness, Sheer Mag and Imperial Triumphant. What does my stupid ass do? Get there late due to bad timing on my part and miss the amazing opportunity to capture the souls of Imperial Triumphant into my camera. I walked in as they were walking off. What a kick to the nuts! With that said, Sheer Mag blew me the fuck away and then Baroness kicked me off earth and onto another planet where I saw extremely on point drumming, a guitarist headbanging like it was her first concert ever, a bassist who looked right out of a Trainspotting dance party, and a singer so ripped that I ended up signing up for the gym the next day.

Sheer Mag, the Philadelphia-based rockers, kicked off the evening with a burst of energy that instantly re-ignited the crowd. I was a little disappointed that Spotlights weren’t playing home terrain but maybe I’ll just fly to Hellfest to see them in 2024. Opening with their signature blend of punk and classic rock influences, the band tore through a setlist that showcased their infectious hooks and raw, unrestrained power. Christina Halladay’s soulful vocals cut through the air with a magnetic intensity, creating an electric atmosphere. I absolutely loved watching her sing, her voice brings you back to an era of Motown and old school R&B while the band brings you garage rock that just makes you feel good!

We had the appetizer, now it’s time for the main course. Baroness emerged to a roar of applause. The setlist, carefully curated for the night, drew from the band’s diverse discography. The only problem for me was how much I wanted to hear “Green Theme,” which they played the night before, yet they didn’t play for NY. Beggars can’t be choosers and we still went absolute balls to the wall for their setlist!

Opening with one of their brand new tracks, off their highly anticipated new album, ‘Stone,’ “Last Word,” Baroness immediately transported the audience into their sonic universe. Watching Gina Gleason, is so much fucking FUN! Tracks like “Cocainium” and “March to the Sea” showcased the band’s ability to weave intricate melodies with powerful riffs, capturing the essence of their progressive metal sound. Not to mention, Sebastian Thomson, Brooklyn native, is such an incredible left-handed drummer. His fills are next level and they should seriously be opening for Tool every time they come around!

Guitarist and vocalist John Baizley’s stage presence was magnetic, his connection with the audience palpable. The interplay between the band members, including the rhythm section’s relentless drive and the dual guitar harmonies, showcased Baroness’s cohesion as a live act. Would I see them again? Yes. Yes I would, and so should you! Also, I really loved how diverse the crowd was. It was a great night to be out rockin’!

Explore live photos of Baroness and Sheer Mag at Webster Hall on November 29th, captured by Dylan Lappin. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Sheer Mag:


Baroness setlist:
Last Word
The Sweetest Curse
A Horse Called Golgotha
March to the Sea
Beneath the Rose
Under the Wheel
Chlorine & Wine
If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain?) / Fugue
Shock Me
The Gnashing
Take My Bones Away

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