Calligram premiere second video for single “Vivido Periere”

Today, Calligram have revealed (via Metal Injection) part two of their “Vivido Periere” video. The track is the second single to come off their upcoming album, ‘The Eye Is The First Circle’ (out April 10th via Prosthetic Records).

Of the track the band comment:

Part two is when we find out who the mysterious characters really are and what they’re capable of. Tables turn and someone ends up somewhere they didn’t expect to. There are many layers to this topic; laws and conservative cultural patterns that favour the wrong side of the story in different places of the world. This is a tale of instant revenge in a situation that sadly doesn’t always end like it should.

A press release notes:

The Eye Is The First Circle is an eight track pummelling of raucous guitars, d-beat rhythms and lyrics sung entirely in Italian. The album title derives from a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay titled Circles which starts: “The eye is the first circle: the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end.” Although the essay is about the transience of life and the ever-evolving aspect of nature, the band chose to give the first sentence a new meaning by interpreting the image of the circle that surrounds every person as a sphere within which one has a duty of care towards the people around them. This message of love acts as a counterpoint to the negative and pessimistic lyrics, and gives a sense of purpose to an otherwise seemingly meaningless existence.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House during October 2019, The Eye Is The First Circle is an abrasive, relentless ball of energy, designed to short circuit nerves upon first listen. Ultimately, CALLIGRAM have made the album they want to listen to – the album that’s missing from their record collection; an album that says what nobody else was saying to them. The Eye Is The First Circle is a complex and multilayered experience, crammed into a little over half an hour of playing time.

Stream “Vivido Periere” part two video:

Upcoming Calligram UK tour dates:

21/3 – Dreadfest, Temple of Boom, Leeds
9/4 – Gringo’s Mexican Tequila Bar, Norwich
10/4 – Riffs Against Fascism, DIY Space for London
11/4 – Old England, Bristol
12/4 – Akedo Gaming Bar, Lincoln
13/4 – Century Audio, Ramsgate+
14/4 – Head of Steam, Newcastle
15/4 – Leith Depot, Edinburgh
16/4 – BrewDog, Leicester
17/4 – TBC
18/4 – Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff

+ Matinee show

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