Cattle Decapitation crushed Brooklyn’s Warsaw (photos)

San Diego, California death grind masters Cattle Decapitation recently wrapped up their ‘Terrasitic Infestation’ North American headlining tour, which featured stellar support from Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator. The outing smashed through 29 major cities, including Brooklyn, New York, at Warsaw on November 30th.

Cattle Decapitation unleashed new songs from their latest studio album on Metal Blade Records, ‘Terrasite,’ in Brooklyn and throughout the entire duration of the tour, delivering powerful performances of fresh tracks such as “Terrasitic Adaptation,” “We Eat Our Young,” “Scourge of the Offspring,” “The Storm Upstairs,” “Solastalgia,” and “A Photic Doom.”

The well-received 2019 LP, ‘Death Atlas,’ took center stage, as the band dispatched ruthless displays of songs “Bring Back the Plague,” “Finish Them,” “Vulturous,” and “Time’s Cruel Curtain.” Cattle Decapitation rounded out their 13-track setlist with “Dead Set on Suicide” and “Kingdom of Tyrants” from 2012’s ‘Monolith of Inhumanity,’ along with “Pacific Grim” featured on 2015’s ‘The Anthropocene Extinction.’

Scroll down below for photos of Cattle Decapitation, Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator performing live at Warsaw, captured by Rodrigo Fredes.

Next on the agenda for Cattle Decapitation, the band will take their ‘Terrasitic’ tour to Europe and the UK for a series of shows in March with Signs of the Swarm, 200 Stab Wounds, and Vomit Forth in tow. See all upcoming shows here.




Cattle Decapitation:

Cattle Decapitation setlist:
Terrasitic Adaptation
We Eat Our Young
Scourge of the Offspring
Dead Set on Suicide
The Storm Upstairs
Bring Back the Plague
Finish Them
A Photic Doom
Time’s Cruel Curtain
Pacific Grim
Kingdom of Tyrants

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