De Arma share new single “Pain of the Past”

Swedish atmospheric black metal/post-rock act De Arma have posted their new single, “Pain of the Past,” which you can check out below. The song hails from the group’s upcoming album, ‘Strayed in Shadows,’ which drops on June 25, 2021 (pre-order).

Andreas Pettersson (guitars, bass, vocals) comments: “This is a song about the struggle of letting go of the past. How one still maintains a fragmented connection with moments that left lifelong implications on one’s life. It is also about profound yet self-destructive relationships. And it is about the wallowing in self-pity without ever letting oneself move forward entirely. When your mind wishes those days will never come true, while the heart still craves a return to times gone by.

Regarding the impending record, Pettersson adds, “This, album, ‘Strayed in Shadows’ reaches partially back to recordings that have been made years ago. In my mind, it has adopted many faces over time, both in negative and positive ways. DE ARMA has always been very important to me despite long periods of seeming inactivity. I could never shake the feeling that one day it would crawl back upon me, which has been both, a burden and an inspiration. The completion of this ‘new’ album marks the final stage of a journey as well as some kind of rebirth for DE ARMA and for me personally. To me, its identity has grown stronger over time and now the vision leading to it has fully materialised. ‘Strayed in Shadows’ reflects the feeling of being lost in oneself, to be lost in or without a profound relationship, and the hesitant longing for a future without change. While the album is based upon true events and personal experiences, I hope that listeners will find their own connections and interpretations.


1. Pain of the Past
2. City Vultures
3. Illusions of Love
4. Funeral in My Brain
5. Horror in the Dark
6. Days of Judgment
7. You Were Blood

Andreas Pettersson – guitars, bass, vocals
Johan Marklund – drums, synth

Guest appearance:
Maria Oja – additional vocals (‘Illusions of Love’, ‘Days Of Judgement’)

Recorded at Nordvis Ljudstudio
Mastered by Tore Stjerna at NBS Studio

Featured photo by Nicklas Lundqvist
Cover Artwork by Ariel ZB


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