Withered share new song “Casting In Wait”

Atlanta blackened death metallers Withered have premiered (via No Clean Singing) their brand new single, “Casting in Wait,” which you can check out below in official visualizer form. The song hails from the band’s upcoming full-length effort, ‘Verloten,’ which is due out on June 25, 2021 through Season of Mist (pre-order).

Regarding the new song, the band say, “Humanity’s obsession with glorifying the ego beyond death through legacy is one of the biggest exercises in futility. It’s perhaps the most elegant & noble way to waste one’s existence here. No matter the effort put forth, the earth will rise in tide, open up in darkness, and puke ash into the atmosphere erasing all traces.

They add, “There is nothing immortal except what we all become. Worm shit that fuels earth’s inevitable return to harmony & humility.


Photo by David Parham

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