Der Weg einer Freiheit share ‘The Making of Noktvrn’ studio documentary

German black metal experimentalists Der Weg einer Freiheit are now sharing a behind the scenes studio documentary that showcases the recording process of their latest album, ‘Noktvrn.’ The “Making of” video can be seen at THIS LOCATION [embedded below].

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT comments: “After months of hard work and going through countless hours of footage we can finally share with you the ‘Making of Noktvrn’ studio documentary. We have been accompanied by our long-time friend and videographer Emanuel Oropesa during our studio pre-production and the album recording sessions to capture the creation process of ‘Noktvrn’ as close as possible. If you want to know more about the live recording approach, the gear we used, our preparation routines or just random behind the scene moments, here’s about 3 weeks of studio work compressed into 45 minutes! For the non-German speakers we included English subtitles in the video, you can switch them on/off in the YouTube player. Enjoy!

‘Noktvrn’ was released in November 2021 and cracked the Billboard Charts for the first time ever! In the U.S., the band landed the Current Hard Rock Music Albums (#27) and Top New Artist Albums (#30) while in Germany, the band made the Offizielle Deutsche Charts (official German charts) (#34).

Order ‘Noktvrn’ HERE.

1. Finisterre II (01:52)
2. Monument (06:46)
3. Am Rande der Dunkelheit (08:18)
4. Immortal (06:50)
5. Morgen (07:00)
6. Gegen das Licht (11:13)
7. Haven (05:45)
Total: 0:47:44

Nikita Kamprad: guitars, vocals
Tobias Schuler: drums
Nico Rausch: guitars
Nico Ziska: bass

Style: Black Metal

Guest musicians: Dávid György Makó – The Devil’s Trade – on “Immortal”

Recording studio: Ghost City Recordings, Germany

Producer / sound engineer: Nikita Kamprad (producer engineer), Jan Kerscher (engineer)

Mixing studio / engineer: Nikita Kamprad / own studio

Mastering studio / engineer: Philipp Welsing, Original Mastering

Cover art: Max Löffler

Photo by Mario Schmitt
Press release courtesy of Season of Mist

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