Dordeduh release new lyric video, “Descânt”

Romanian atmospheric folk/black metal outfit Dordeduh have dropped their new lyric video for track “Descânt” — check out the clip below. The song appears on the act’s impending new album through Prophecy Productions, ‘Har’ (due out on May 14th – pre-order).

Today’s announcement reads, “‘Descânt’ demonstrates the impressive stylistic range that DORDEDUH have achieved on “Har”. Captivating yet powerful, dark but irresistible, this track is a revelation. The lyric video comes with English subtitles that make the band’s complex, multi-layered Romanian poetry accessible to the world.

Dordeduh comment, “We are glad to provide translations for our lyrics for the first time, starting today with the lyric video of our song ‘Descânt’, which means ‘disenchantment'”, writes frontman Edmond “Hupogrammos” Karban. “All the translated lyrics from our new album ‘Har’ will be made available on our website soon.

The band adds, “It was a real challenge to make these translations work. We did not only need to ensure that the real meaning of the words and the message behind them would not get lost in translation, but we wanted to capture at least a small portion of the poetical dimension that our original lyrics have in the Romanian language. We are aware that something always is left out in such a process, but we will not allow this to overshadow our pleasure to transmit our core message to you.

In addition, Dordeduh have been confirmed for the 2021 ‘Prophecy Fest’ in Balver Höhle, Germany this September. The band will share the stage with Empyrium, Dornenreich, Deine Lakaien, Negură Bunget, and more.

Stream “Descânt”:

‘Har’ tracklist:
1. Timpul întâilor
2. În vieliștea uitării
3. Descânt
4. Calea magilor
5. Vraci de nord
6. Desferecat
7. De neam vergur
8. Văznesit

Edmond “Huppogrammos” Karban – vocals, guitars, keyboards, mandola, tulnic
Cristian “Sol Faur” Popescu – guitars, keyboards, hammered dulcimer
Andrei Jumugă – drums & percussion, toaca
Flavius Misarăș – bass

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