Dust Prophet share their playlist (Opeth, Ministry, Prong)

Manchester, New Hampshire trio Dust Prophet are planning to release their new full-length offering in spring of 2022. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out powerful new single, “The High Capital.”

Today (and continuing with our new column), Dust Prophet guitarist and vocalist Otto Kinzehave has generously curated and shared with us a Spotify playlist consisting of tunes from Opeth, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, PJ Harvey, Metallica, Rush, Clutch and more. The tracks are streamable here and below.

Otto tells us, “I put together this playlist to showcase several artists that have had a profound impact on me as a musician. When people ask me who my biggest influences are, typically it’s too long to list, and often does not follow any “typical” pattern or style. I love Industrial metal. I love Psychedelic Rock. I love Progressive Rock, Electronic music, Hip-Hop and of course Stoner & Doom Rock.

Otto adds, “My personal guitar style and musicianship has been warped and twisted throughout the years by so many different contributors that its impossible for me to draw a straight line from the starting line to the goal post. I tried my best to incorporate as many of those influences in this Playlist, but due to the constraints of time had to omit many. I would’ve loved to include The Prodigy, Public Enemy, Megadeth, NWA, Aphex Twin, KMFDM, and several more. But being limited to a specific number of tracks makes it impossible to share everything that I hold near and dear to my creative heart.

Otto ends with, “So, I did my best to list my proverbial Top 10. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together. And after listening to all these incredible songs, I hope you have some better insight to me as a musician and songwriter.


Dust Prophet line-up:
Otto Kinzel – Guitar/Vocals
Sarah Wappler – Bass/Keyboards
Tyler MacPherson – Drums

Dust Prophet links:

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