Empress debut new song “Lion’s Blood”

Canadian post-metallers Empress have shared (via The Obelisk) their new track titled “Lion’s Blood.” The song serves as the third single off of the trio’s debut album, ‘Premonition,’ which is set for international self-release on July 24th.

Here’s full info on the band via a fresh press release:

Empress are a three-headed beast from Vancouver, B.C., born after guitarist/vocalist Peter Sacco (Seer) and drummer Chris Doyle attended a show headlined by doom mavens Elder. Inspired by the massive wall of sound and psychedelia they encountered on that fateful night, the pair enlisted bassist Brenden Gunn (Craters) and set out to create their own brand of stoner/sludge metal.

The trio, whose collective history dates back nearly a decade, went immediately to work. Within two months, Empress wrote and recorded the five tracks now collectively known as Reminiscence. With this debut EP, self-released in September 2017, Empress harvested a hybrid strain of monolithic groove, over-amped sludge, and mutant prog. Lyrically, this debut EP was a first experience for Sacco being able to vocally unleash emotions he does not make public, as well as life experiences him and his twin sister have had in life.

About a year later, in November 2018, Empress released a split EP with German brother Piece. Their half of the contribution comprised two epic songs, and is otherwise considered the band’s second EP. This EP tapped into that same outlook of finally having expression. Empress specifically made those songs off of feeling and emotion they all had. Each person wrote their own part, the band truly working off a collection of people – not just one. Here, the lyrics were about the health depletion of Sacco’s father, who has complications due to 50 years of smoking.

Above all, Empress is not a vehicle for entertainment or flashy showmanship. Rather, it is an emotionally driven, abstract band, and meant to serve as an artistic experience which has a culmination of life experiences, doubts, and growth from what life has brought each member.

Stream “Lion’s Blood” HERE.

1. A Pale Wanderer
2. Sepulchre
3. Passage
4. Trost
5. Hiraeth
6. Premonition
7. Lion’s Blood

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