Fit For An Autopsy, The Acacia Strain, Full of Hell & Primitive Man destroyed The Brooklyn Monarch (recap, photos)

Brooklyn Monarch is really making a name for themselves with such heavy hitting shows such as this one. I mean four big, heavy, in-your-face acts. Primitive Man, Full of Hell, The Acacia Strain and locals Fit For an Autopsy who formed right across the water in Jersey City.

Primitive Man was the first band to take the stage. Even though the sound they produce is quite distorted, doomy and grungy, it could not get the crowd moving. The band doesn’t have that much stage presence but the sound they bring really does pack a punch, I for one was a little surprised. Then again we are in progressive Brooklyn. At one point during the night there was an all girls mosh pit. GET IT!!!!

Full of Hell’s singer, Dylan Walker, really brings terror to the stage. His intensity is unmatched. Look at the pictures below and be your own judge. He screams as if he is committing a murder and he’s letting it all out on the victim. The victim here is the audience and they love it. They got the pit moving real quick. No hesitation. Beers went flying, and I started smiling. Full of Hell and Primitive Man recently collaborated on a 5 song album, ‘Suffocating Hallucination,’ produced by Andrew Nelson.

The Acacia Strain absolutely tore the place apart. I saw one dude get his nose moshed into the back of his head. Several people left in ambulances this night, no joke, dead ass, numb butt. The best part of The Acacia Strain is the overall excitement they bring but the heartfelt messages they drive home. Vincent said during the night that even though he’s screaming stage dive and beat up your neighbor, you should love your neighbor. Call a friend, a loved one, a family member and let them know you care. Now, I personally can’t say the few people that left in body bags felt all the love but hopefully they have a good story to tell. Acacia played a full catalog and started the show off with a brutal voice message of 2010’s ‘Wormwood’ entitled, “The Beast.” They were joined by several vocalists including Patrick Sheridan from FFAA and Sam AKA Online Boy.

Fit For an Autopsy was glad to be back in Brooklyn. The fans, family members and old friends felt the same. The energy was vibrant and filled with metal rage. The band, with their enormous sound and grindy riffs, can make anyone in the room throw fists. They also played a full catalog of songs. Will Putney didn’t perform with them but was standing on the side head banging along. At one point the singer had to give an announcement that someone’s friend was in an ambulance outside. It was a bonkers show and people really turned out. The metal community is something else and seems to surprise me more and more each show I shoot.

Check out photos from the Brooklyn show featuring Fit For An Autopsy, The Acacia Strain, Full of Hell, and Primitive Man in the gallery below. All photos by Dylan Lappin (click photo to enlarge).

Primitive Man:

Full of Hell:

The Acacia Strain:

Fit For An Autopsy:

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