Justin Sullivan releases new song “Unforgiven”

Justin Sullivan (New Model Army founder and singer / songwriter) has posted his new song “Unforgiven,” which you can check out below. The track is the third new tune to come off his new solo album, ‘Surrounded’ (due out May 28th via earMUSIC – pre-order).

I have always been most drawn to the combination of violence and beauty in art because that seems to be the underlying truth of nature and the way I perceive the world to be — and almost everything I write is underpinned by nature imagery,” states Sullivan. “Sometimes I visit a place where the atmosphere and the ghosts from the past seem to overwhelm anything happening in the present. I reach for a notebook and put down every impression that comes — stories, light, weather, geography, and that strange feeling of time being completely liquid. With ‘Unforgiven,’ I found all these sketched ideas back at home many months later and then it’s just a question of remembering the feelings of the place, what happened and piecing it together.

Sullivan adds, “Musically, I went round the houses a bit with this one, trying to choose how much and what instrumentation to use. In the end, I decided to keep the simple guitar riffs that runs through the song quite prominent and added Jon Thorne’s bass, Henning Nugel’s orchestration, and minimal percussion so it has some of the vastness and hard beauty of the landscape described and an undercurrent of the violence that the place has seen.


‘Surrounded’ track listing:
01. Dirge
02. Amundsen
03. Coming With Me
04. Clean Horizon
05. Stone And Heather
06. 28th May
07. Akistan
08. Unforgiven
09. Sao Paulo
10. 1975
11. Sea Again
12. Clear Skies
13. Rip Tides
14. Daughter of the Sun
15. Ride
16. Surrounded

ICYMI, check out new Justin Sullivan tracks “Clean Horizon” and “Amundsen.”

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